2013 Gembrook Jamcamp

Gembrook 2013Last week saw us complete another jam camp in Gembrook. This is the second camp we have run in this location and is was a great weekend for me and the feedback to date suggests it was a winner with the jam campers as well.

I arrived on Friday evening to find that Victoria has experienced some long periods of continuous heat with temperatures sitting well over 35 degrees for several days. Fortunately our choice of venue was air-conditioned.

We had a total of 18 jam-campers including three instructors Carolyne, Max and me. The biggest and certainly most satisfying thing about these jam camps for me, is to watch the levels of confidence and playing ability develop in each of our jam campers over the course of the three days of tuition. People who would have otherwise continued to play in the closet just opened up and shone as “jam-stars” as the camp progressed. A very satisfying process to watch.

I would encourage anyone who has the wish to play along with others, join in a jam session or simply improve their level of confidence when playing with others to come to one of our camps. They work.

Thanks to Carolyn and Max for their support and help over the three days. I do hope the Victorian weather improves and the threat of further bush fires and high temperatures abate in the near future.

Thanks to all of our jam-campers, those who attended their first camp and those who returned for their second camp. John, Joe, Mary, Brent, Joanne, Shirley, George, Alan, Duncan, Theo, Shane, John, Gilly, Ted, Mark, Carolyn and Max thanks for your attendance, participation, support and encouragement. We will try to return in 2014.

Thanks must also go to our fabulous hosts Anthony and Karen Hall at Stringybark Lodge in Gembrook for a wonderful weekend. The food was great as was your wonderful hospitality, many thanks to you and your team.

Keep on picking, and get out there and meet other players. Start a regular jam session. Put an advertisement in the local paper, a poster on the local community notice board. Invite others over for a jam – long live bluegrass music.


  1. Alan Lazarus says:

    G’Day Greg,
    Just a quickie to say “thanks” for the great weekend. The efforts of yourself, Max and Caroline were really appreciated and certainly helped this 66 year old Bluegrass “newbie” to feel right at home!
    A weekend of strangers becoming friends, laughter, music, and gold-plated advice can only be regarded as a success. I was proud to be part of it and look forward to being a part of it in the future.
    Alan Lazarus (Lazo)

  2. Hey Greg,

    Thanks again for a superlative weekend! I think you’re doing a huge service handing on your knowledge and expertise to people who might otherwise have been excluded from the magical world of hayseed music. I know for a fact that every one of us: a) learned a lot; and b) had a great time.

    I’ll be back next year if I can.


    PS Hang on to Carolyn and Max. They’re terrific.

  3. Greg, you’ve done it again. I enjoyed the 2012 jamcamp so much I had to bring my partner Gilly along for the 2013.

    As beginner Bluegrassers we both enjoyed the inclusive and helpful atmosphere that you encourage. This year I felt much more relaxed about playing with others from the outset, because of the skills learned at 2012 jamcamp, and I knew your Wernick camp was going to be less stressful than other style camps I have attended.

    This year I gained as much as the last, particularly the singing while playing aspect and getting better at hearing the chord changes in my head, both skills which, I believe, are best achieved in a supportive environment such as your jamcamp encourages.

    Once again, I have met a great bunch of jamcampers and feel my social network has expanded.

    We are both looking forward to 2014 already and hoping to catch up with as many of our new friends there, if not before.
    Well done Greg , Carolyn and Max.