News from the Pete Wernick Jampire is that they have signed up their 2,500th student this week. Our 2014 Forrest Jamcamp took the honours.

…another major milestone, we signed up our 2500th student this week. Honors go to Greg McGrath (Caloundra, QLD, Australia), and his ninth signup. Momentum grew steadily during our first three years–it took us a full year to enroll 500 students (January 2012), nine more months to reach 1000 (October 2012), seven months to reach 1500 (May 2013), and five months to hit 2000 (October 2013). Since then we’ve sustained that rate, signing up another 500 in the past five months. That’s a number we’re proud to mention, showing the world our reach is wide and growing – Rick Saenz, Office Manager, Wernick Bluegrass Music Method.