imgp4255We enjoyed a full house at the Quorn Jam Camp this year. The camp was held at the Austral Hotel in the heart of beautiful historic Quorn at the foot of the magnificent Flinders Ranges.

Friday evening jam-campers were treated to a dinner at the Austral Hotel where everyone met, many for the first time, while others caught up from last year.

Our aim is to teach you how to play with others in a bluegrass jam by building a greater degree of confidence in your own playing. This year’s  feedback forms (below)demonstrate the success of our program.

What students said of 2016 Quorn Jam Camp:

  • As a result of this jam camp, I am so much more keen to learn an appropriate-for-me banjo; maybe the mandolin and even to develop a bluegrass quartet- singing acapella. Thank you for your time, effort, and interest in encouraging me and more people to enjoy the world of bluegrass music.
  • Overall a very rewarding experience, a bit daunting at first, out of my comfort zone initially, but after I grasped the principles it was a great learning experience. It gave me the chance to learn a new style of music and to meet other people that liked Bluegrass music. To jam for a three day weekend with these like minded people was great.
  • I will look forward to attending more of these Jamcamps. The skills learned at these are useful in many more ways than are immediately apparent.
  • There is definitely a feeling of community growing among Wernick Method Jamcampers and the community building exercises of Inclusiveness , encouragement, communication and participation are naturally going to benefit other aspects of participants lives. Thanks again for fostering these great life skills.
  • I had a good time even though I couldn’t play very well. The weekend is all about meeting people and having fun for me.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Only downside was the main room being too small and having to finish early to set the tables up for dinner service. A different venue might work better.
  • Very worthwhile experience Will seriously consider attending again in 2017

For many, the jam camp was their first experience in playing with others. The Wernick Method that we teach ensures that everyone can take part at their own level and enjoy playing a variety of bluegrass songs with others regardless of that level.

Thanks for the weekend must go to local Sue Tulloch who, with generous funding from Country Arts South Australia, arranged the weekend for us all.

Dates for next year’s jam camp are already set for 8th to 10th September 2017.

About Quorn:

The township of Quorn held a variety of surprises with its many historic buildings, several of which are now catering businesses. We enjoyed lunch at Emily’s Bistro once the local emporium.

The old railway station and museum also features the Pichi Richi a heritage steam railway. This railway from Port Augusta through the Pichi Richi Pass to Quorn opened in 1879, and was part of the first stage of the Great Northern Railway that was intended to link Port Augusta with Darwin. “The Ghan” name originated in Quorn in 1923 when the Great Northern Express was dubbed The Afghan Express by railwaymen. The line finally reached Alice Springs in 1929.